New from Spark the Mazda MX-R01 “RENOWN” with starting number 5 driven by v. Weidler, Bertrand Gachot and Johhny Herbert. Scale is 1/18 and is finished perfectly. Also into this series is the “KAJIMA” MX-R01 with starting number 6.
Some new additions to my collection. The Mazda CX-3 in Titanium Flash (42S) and Ceramic metallic (47A). These are packed into a special Mazda box and only for sale in Japan through the dealership. The Ceramic color looks like dirty white and is a new color from Mazda introduced onto the CX-3 and will also be available onto the new to introduce MX-5 later this year. The Mazda 2 (Demio in Japan) are the LHD & RHD versions. As you can see the LHD has a white interior while the RHD has a dark grey one. Also introduced with these modelcars is the material choice: zinc alloy die-cast while the former series where made out of resin. The manufacturer of these cars is Interallied (Hi-Story) and they have the CX-3 and Demio also into their regular program.
On sunday the 21st of june Mazda Ace representatives from Japan Mr. Noboru Temma, Mr. Wararu Tada and Ms. Takako Takemura visited me to have a close look to my collection. They where flabbergasted about the amount of models available. They enjoyed their stay and they liked almost every piece of it. I have to say that I was very proud to welcome them to show my collection. .
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